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Crusader Youth Basketball Program Info

Hello, Youth Basketball parents and guardians, 

Welcome to 2023-24 Crusader Youth Basketball (CYB)!  We are starting our seventh year and are excited about all the opportunities this program has to offer future Crusaders! The CYB is designed to provide basketball training and competitive play for young girls and boys who may consider or are planning to play basketball at Edgewood in the future. Our goal is to develop fundamentally sound players using techniques and methods that are conducive to not only enhancing the individual player but to help enhance the Edgewood High School programs.

Background Knowledge

The organization started in 2016 as a means of identifying opportunities for prospective Edgewood High School athletes to participate in competitive basketball.  It was Gerardo Jimenez's vision, determination, and deep belief in what Edgewood High School had to offer student-athletes that made this dream a reality.   With the assistance of the high school coaches and a few other extremely committed friends of  Edgewood Basketball, this program continues to grow and positively impact future Crusaders today!


The program is built on the philosophy that individual skill development and fundamental basketball concepts are key to all future success at the high school level. Therefore, emphasis is placed on fundamentals throughout each grade level.   In 7th and 8th grade, the focus continues to be fundamentals, but the teams begin to implement the offensive & defensive systems of the Edgewood High School programs.


  • Give players an opportunity to learn new skills
  • Sharpen previously acquired skills
  • Enhance one’s basketball knowledge
  • Develop a love for the game
  • Improve athleticism through Speed and Agility sessions at Edgewood with Edgewood Athletic Performance Coaches
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun with teammates, families, and coaches
  • Provide a positive player experience
  • Promote sportsmanship
  • Build character through work ethic, handling winning and losing properly, positively tackling adversity, and always having a growth mindset among others…

Season Length:

  • October/ Beginning of November until the end of March
  • Teams will be formed in Early October
  • Skill sessions will begin in October.
  • Official practices start in early November

The general cost for the season is $375-$395 which includes:

  • Entry fees for the team to tournaments/ games
  • Skill sessions by a professional trainer (goal is 8-12 sessions starting in October
  • Speed and Agility Training (Athleticism development) at Edgewood during our season 
  • Opportunities to attend Edgewood High School Boys' and Girls' Basketball games
  • Scholarship opportunities for those families in need

The uniform is estimated to be an additional $75.

  • All uniforms are purchased by the player but then are worn for several years.
  • Uniforms are reversible.  So only 1 set is needed.
  • Opportunities for resale to other families to recoup some $
  • Sometimes uniforms are donated back so can purchase them at a cheaper cost.


  • At Edgewood High School or at local schools in the area or VAC.
  • Typically, 1-2 practices per week (including weekends) plus speed and agility sessions.
  • Duration 1.5-2 hours per practice.
  • Practice is where players make the real gains thus players are expected to be at practice.

Game Information:

  • The number of games this season will probably be between 20-30.
  • Game locations are mainly local. (SEA, VAC, WI Dells & Local High Schools)
  • Once in a while, a team might choose a tournament at Champion Center in Appleton or at  Center Court in Waukesha.
  • Edgewood High School gyms (Wilke Gym or Krantz Center -KC gym)
  • Running Round Robins on Saturday and Sunday at Edgewood High School.  (3-4 hours)

Gerardo Jimenez

CYB Director

Bob Tiegen

Girls Crusader Youth Basketball Assistant Director

Tom O'Day

Boys Crusader Youth Basketball Assistant Director